WALDHAUS – travel hotspot for chic and modern nomads.

Waldhaus Inc. has established a niche network of websites related to travel and hospitality. We manage several hospitality projects which are all marketed and promoted via those channels.
Combined, our sites are visited per month by more then 100,000 unique visitors with over 450,000 page views and an average stay on our sites of 4 min.

Over 8000 ‘chic nomads’ follow us on facebook.

Our sites:

waldhaus.com Travel Hotspot
verana.com Verana, handmade hotel & spa in Mexico
far-meadow.com Vacation Cabins near Yosemite, California
been-seen.com Online Travel blog
been-seen.net Tumblr blog
boutique-homes.com Collection of modern vacation rentals
chic-nomads.com Modern nomads in cool places
modern-vacation-rental.com Travel Dispatches


Our Products and Services:

VERANA  – The Handmade Hotel, Mexico

FAR MEADOW  – California Cabin Rentals near Yosemite

BOUTIQUE HOMES  – A Modern Vacation Rentals Listing Site.


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