Chic Nomads


Chic Nomads is dedicated to tasteful travelers in search of stylish secrets. The spirited ambassadors of cool looking for off the beaten path getaways. The discerning creatives who dedicate their lives to art and design, and who do not sacrifice either when they travel.

Since the advent tourism, there has always existed an avant-guard for travel. Bohemian adventurers and bon vivant visionaries exploring the world in search of something grand. In that process they have blurred the boundaries of tourism and travel, pushing, in fact, creating, a new international culture of travel. provides an online outlet for the artistic expression of this culture. A virtual scrapbook of photographs, visual poetry and postcards that inspire, and to draw inspiration from. A collaborative collage of creative minds expressing their souls, and who travel the world.

Café society. Beatniks. The jet set. As one age replaces another, so does the idiosyncrasies of their names. And now, at this point in history, perhaps it is time for a new moniker – chic nomads. You.